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Luigi Rosselli作品 | Sticks & Stones Home,永恒的材料

       项目建筑师Luigi Rosselli 设法从桶中取出一个美丽的地窖和非常详细的图纸,这些图纸不需要实地参观,也不需要Builder的任何问题执行。
      The project architect Luigi Rosselli managed to remove a beautiful cellar and very detailed drawings from the bucket. These drawings do not need to be visited in the field and do not require any problems with the Builder.
      It is natural to choose a stone and wood on the edge of these private parks to build a new house. Sydney Sandstone has a slightly yellowish color that becomes more attractive as time goes by. Eternal materials provide a warm palette for contemporary architecture.
      Behind the sandstone walls, huge Skyframe windows are crowded with the smallest frame. The post-tensioned concrete slab is cantilevered to support the main garden terrace with minimal steel pillar support. Behind the vertical timber shutters, curved glass windows extend from the floor to the ceiling.
       专为整洁舒适的家庭生活而设计,房屋布局非常简单,平面图非常笛卡儿式,只有一条弯曲的墙壁悬在车道上。每间客房都通过可在球轴承上滑动的大玻璃门打开露台或花园; 人们可以在不知道阈值的情况下走出室外.
      Designed for a neat and comfortable family life, the layout of the house is very simple. The floor plan is very Cartesian, with only a curved wall suspended in the driveway. Each room opens to the terrace or garden through large glass doors that slide on ball bearings; people can walk outside without knowing the threshold.


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