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Luigi Rosselli作品 | Raise the Roof,微风阁楼

       Luigi Rosselli喜欢微风,景色和高度的光。阁楼增加,新的一楼增加,阁楼转换是一种巧妙的方式来维持现有房屋的占地面积和体积,并将其他浪费的空间用于良好的使用。
      Luigi Rosselli likes breeze, scenery and high light. The penthouse is increasing, and the new first floor is increasing. Attic conversion is an ingenious way to maintain the footprint and volume of an existing home and use other wasted space for good use.
      这座位于悉尼东郊的房子拥有加州平房的起源和20世纪80年代的“改进”,颇具低调; 它巨大的空屋顶空间是主要的“第五海拔”,它被要求重新装修成阁楼改建。
      This house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney has the origins of California cottages and "improvements" in the 1980s. It is rather low-key; its huge empty roof space is the main "fifth elevation" and it is required to be renovated into an attic reconstruction.
      Usually, with the constant development of the project, in this case, all interiors will be softly decorated from the kitchen and bathroom to the living room, fireplace and floor. The exterior swimming pool and sundeck have also been updated with an upright metal roof replacing the old tiles.
     The design intent is to connect the main California cottage features of existing homes with secondary features. This is done by adding a skylight in front of the house and providing powerful corner piers to support the roof of the balcony at the back of the house. These two elements are part of the original house vocabulary, although they are clearly readable and modern.


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