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Luigi Rosselli作品 | Martello Tower Home,白色砖砌建筑

       建筑坐落于山脊制高点,能够看到悉尼中部海港全景。它建造于50年代末60年代初,是一座3层砖砌建筑,看起来十分坚固,具有Luigi Rosselli的设计特征:砂岩基地,白色墙面,两翼垂直遮阳板设置在“小木屋”外墙作为装饰。
      The building is located at the commanding heights of the ridge and offers panoramic views of Sydney’s central harbour. It was built in the late 50's and early 60's and is a three-story brick building that looks very sturdy and features Luigi Rosselli's design features: a sandstone base, white walls, and two vertical visors on the "cabin" exterior wall. decoration.
       别墅正面包含另一个Luigi Rosselli 建筑的重要特点——椭圆状的光景楼梯——由砂岩材质的Martello碉堡状形体和入口廊道形成。在其“废墟”的状态下,开放向水平的粉刷混凝土质屋顶的线条,从而形成街景立面。
      The front of the villa contains another important feature of the Luigi Rosselli building - an elliptical stairway - formed by the sandstone Martello boulevard and entrance corridor. In its "ruined" state, the line of whitewashed concrete roofs is opened horizontally to form a facade of streetscape.
       建筑师对现有建筑只做了略微的改造,保留了95%的原有长期的建筑结构,包括1950年代的砂岩壁炉。新加的别墅正立面和背后的地下一层也呈现了较为亲和的外观。室内设计上,Romaine Alwill将雇主最喜欢的地中海蓝色设计为主要亮色,为未来50年营造了一种舒适的、明亮的家庭环境。
      The architects only made minor modifications to the existing building, retaining 95% of the original long-term building structure, including the 1950s sandstone fireplace. The facade of the newly added villa and the ground floor behind it also showed a more intimate appearance. In the interior design, Romaine Alwill made the employer's favorite Mediterranean blue design the main bright color, creating a comfortable and bright home environment for the next 50 years.


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