Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Lennox Street,住宅的现代化 _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Lennox Street,住宅的现代化

       由Interni的Louise Belli设计的室内设计,由Will Dangar设计的景观以及由Candice Christensen和James Horler实施的建筑都有助于放大房屋永恒的特色。
      The interior design designed by Louise Bell of Interni, the landscape designed by Will Dangar and the buildings implemented by Candice Christensen and James Horler all help to enlarge the timeless features of the house.
      With these modifications and additions to Mossman's 1920s arts and crafts homes, we have tried to achieve a family by providing more open, family-oriented spaces such as dining kitchens, recreation rooms, family activity rooms, and larger bedrooms. The modernization of the home, while maintaining the characteristics of the original house and the large garden.


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