Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Kirribilli House,海滨住宅 _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Kirribilli House,海滨住宅

       Louise Belli设计的建筑物提供气候舒适环境的能力,这个地方你可以躲避炎热的白天或寒冷的夜晚,而不必在密闭的窗户后挡住自己。
      The Louise Bell-designed building provides a climate-friendly environment where you can avoid hot days or cold nights without having to block yourself behind closed windows.
      Rock walls and positionally operable skylights, sun-lit courtyards and breezy balconies, green roofs and exterior shutters all contribute to the most livable beachside home and won the 2011 AIA Sustainable Design Award . The design was awarded to prove that sustainable buildings can be applied to the top of residential buildings.


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