Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Gordons Bay House,弯曲绵延的“龙脉” _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Gordons Bay House,弯曲绵延的“龙脉”

       建筑师 Luigi Rosselli 和 Kristina Sahlestrom 在这个项目的发展过程中了解到了很多中国的住宅艺术和生活方式。这一间“书香门第”,淋漓尽致地体现了他们对古文化中岩石和混凝土相结合这一手法的运用。
      The architects Luigi Rosselli and Kristina Sahlestrom learned about many of China's residential arts and lifestyles during the development of this project. This "Study of the Scholars" vividly demonstrated their use of the combination of rock and concrete in ancient culture.
      In the language of the building, with soft-edged closed concrete panels, as a roof, it is seamlessly placed on a huge, monolithic sandstone floor, as if to tell the story of weathered rock layers. The concrete staircase rotates down in the form of an elliptical opening, and people walk on the stairs as if there was a walk on the cliff. At the same time, a single metal rod not only supported the stairs in the structure, but also spanned the entire room.
      From the lowest level basement to the top floor terrace, ancient geology sceneries are inherited. Rocks are an integral part of the whole house. From the living room and the calligrapher’s study room, not only can seeing the continuous extension of rock layers, the wonders that are tied to the trees, but also the small swimming pool beside the cave, with a Zen of Buddhism. .
      This room was built by architects after reading Lin Yutang's book "The Art of Life." To understand Chinese residential culture, this book is a must read book. This book explains that the “dragon veins” that are stretched in front of the door not only allow people to spend less time climbing the stairs, but also abandon the traditional straight-line path. This makes people walk into the house and it becomes natural.


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