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Luigi Rosselli作品 | Bougainvillea Row House,俄罗斯方块风格

       Luigi Rosselli的Adolf Loos概念是灵感,每个房间都是俄罗斯方块风格的联锁,在严格的墙壁边界和议会限制内。
      Luigi Rosselli's concept of Adolf Loos is inspired, and each room is interlocked with Tetris style, within stringent wall boundaries and parliamentary limits.
       悉尼的规划者正在考虑将梯田房或排屋作为受欢迎的住宅类型返回。据认为,露台可能是解决住房负担能力的一个解决方案; 通过将标准四分之一英亩的土地细分为狭窄的地带和建造毗邻的二三层住宅。
      Sydney planners are considering returning terraced houses or terrace houses as popular residential types. It is believed that the terrace may be a solution to the affordability of the housing; by subdividing a standard quarter-acre of land into narrow strips and constructing adjacent two or three-story houses.
      The delamination between the front and back helps to adapt to the on-site slope and shorten the flight of the stairs. The three floors have been compressed to the front of the house. The two higher floors contain a living room while the light wells sit behind.
      Above the street, the entrance courtyard is dominated by an established bougainvillea plant and is ignored by the balconet or "Juliet balcony." This is a sunny, north-facing terrace for a mid winter Campari&Soda.
      Between the main house and the back studio/garage is a second courtyard, where the weather tends to allow families to enjoy the open space for children to play, to taste the olive trees and the fruits of the barbecue, and the warmth of the outdoor wood-burning fireplace .


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