Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Beach House on Stilts,新老建筑无缝衔 _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Beach House on Stilts,新老建筑无缝衔

       这座海滩别墅坐落在桩柱之上,新老建筑无缝衔接在一起。Luigi Rosselli用群青色的墙板、白色的篱笆和栏杆围共同构成建筑的外在形象。桩柱的下方是车库,黄铜材质的圆形窗框是向附近海域驶过的船只致敬。
      Sitting on top of stilts, this beach house cottage blends the old and the newseamlessley. Contrasting ultramarine weatherboards,picket fence and balustrades, in paintedstainless steel (due to the proximity to the ocean), wrap the exterior, respectfully addressing the street.Beneath the stilts that elevate the the building above the ground, a brass porthole window is installed in thegarage door, an ode to the ships sailing the ocean nearby.
      This house changes as the massive timber and aluminium louvres and shutters by JWI are adjsuted and slid to open the building to light and natural cross ventilation, dramatically changing the spaces and keeping the building cool and air-conditioning free.CNC routed shutters to the bedroom level control light, ventilation and privacy of the occupants. 
Traditional and modern elements complement each other through the layered verandas, the captainsdeck peeks out from just above with unobscured ocean views.The verandah was extended to the side of the original ground floor living room, shading the occupants from the heat internally and externally.
      Original lining boards panelled raked ceilings and timber flooring were retained to maintain some of the original character of the building. New bookshelves over the windows, cover the existing walls, and add some insulation to the open living space. 


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