Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Balcony Over Bronte 勃朗特阳台 _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  Balcony Over Bronte 勃朗特阳台

       布莱克回到最新的房子,由Luigi Rosselli建筑师完成。这栋新建的房子是为一个年轻的家庭建造的,可以俯瞰勃朗特的战斧楼,可以作为一个可以浏览海滩的大阳台。
      Black returned to the newest house and was completed by Luigi Rosselli Architects. This new house was built for a young family, overlooking Bronte's Battle Axe building and serving as a large balcony for browsing the beach.
       项目建筑师Corrado Palleschi,室内设计师Alexandra Donohoe和客户的合作努力在整个房子中看到了黑白色调的调色板。
      Project architect Corrado Palleschi, interior designer Alexandra Donohoe and the client's team worked hard to see the palette of black and white tones throughout the house.
      The result of this bold application looks clearer than in the main stairwell. In this main stairwell, the black timber pedals and armrests seem to float in the light.


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