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Luigi Rosselli作品 | The Pool House,有机形态的建筑

       Luigi Rosselli增加的有机形态的二层建筑在一个1910年的单层小屋的后面,被一个游泳池包围,水体是将别墅的这两个完全不同的部分结合在一起的重点部分。
      Luigi Rosselli's organic two-story building was added to the back of a 1910 single-story hut surrounded by a swimming pool. The body of water is the focal point that unites these two completely different parts of the villa.
      By extending the corridor to the edge of the original cabin, a tandem carport was provided, emphasizing the existence and proportion of streets. This part of the building uses ancient building techniques, while the rear cantilever technology, electric sliding shutter screens and large glass windows make this villa more livable and comfortable.
      The large cantilever in the main floor of the ground floor offers a sunshade and rain shield on the outdoor platform. An oval staircase connects the old and new parts: the first floor bedroom and the ground floor space.


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