Luigi Rosselli作品 |  The Pool House,亲切的传统建筑 _ 印际


Luigi Rosselli作品 |  The Pool House,亲切的传统建筑

      The best response to designing a home on a bland and anodyne site is to bring a suitcase of memories; familiar, traditional building forms that one feels comfortable with to provide a modern architecture that is reinforced by collective memory and is not unsettling.
       Built for a young family the bedrooms stretch from east to west, cantilevering over the smaller living quarters, providing a covered porch over the entrance to the residence and a covered terrace by the pool. The bedrooms are kept cool by a combination of the external shutters, cross ventilation and a large air gap in the roof space. The house is air conditioning free.
      The interiors reflect the presence of traditional detailing with a contemporary sensitivity, for example in the vaulted cathedral ceilings and polished concrete floors. Robust timber trusses and delicate steel windows also provide a vibrant contrast, together with the strong pallet of colours



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