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Luigi Rosselli作品 | Hill Top Cottage,山顶小屋

       Luigi Rosselli将建筑遗产与当代设计和生活方式相结合,是一种以惊喜和充满个性的地方为回报的做法。
       combines architectural heritage with contemporary design and lifestyle and is a rewarding experience with surprises and individuality.
       设计背后的想法是将山寨的现有特征保留在前面 - 其低水平和强大的水平线 - 并在山脊后面放置更现代的两层建筑。新的上层完全覆盖着CNC走线的胶合板百叶窗,它穿透宽阔的天窗,在角落弯曲的屋顶前宽阔的屋顶平面。
      The idea behind the design is to keep the existing characteristics of the cottage in front - its low level and strong horizontal lines - and to place a more modern two-story building behind the ridge. The new upper layer is completely covered with CNC plywood shutters, which penetrate the wide skylights and the wide roof plane in front of the curved roof.
       在内部,协理建筑师,肖恩·约翰逊和室内设计师Romaine Alwill的技能已经成功地结合了新旧混凝土和现有的深色木地板,超大玻璃推拉窗以及原来的铅灯。一个半透明的黑色钢制穿孔楼梯从屋顶中的可打开的天窗到地面层,通过房屋中心落下,让大量光线照射入口大厅。
      Internally, the skills of associate architects, Sean Johnson and interior designer Romaine Alwill have successfully combined new and old concrete and existing dark wood floors, oversized glass sliding windows and original lead lights. A semi-transparent black steel pierced staircase descends from the open skylight in the roof to the ground floor and falls through the center of the house, allowing plenty of light to illuminate the entrance hall.


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