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Luigi Rosselli作品 |  The Books House 书屋

      A calligrapher gave three books to his wife. She put them on the table and stacked them randomly... "We want a bookstore"... They said.
       Luigi Rosselli明白,这些书不仅仅是他以前设计的一个房屋的名称,称为六度分隔,而且也是雪梨北部陡峭的悬崖上的悉尼 - 霍克斯伯里砂岩露头的壁架和架子海港,包括书法家和女商人拥有的一块土地。
      Luigi Rosselli understands that these books are more than just the name of a house he previously designed, called Six Degrees Separation, but also the ledges and shelves of the Sydney-Hawksbury outcrop on the steep cliffs of North Sydney. A piece of land owned by calligraphers and businesswomen.
       风化的岩层已被具有柔软边缘的外形混凝土板代替,在房屋整体砂岩层上方进行剪切。一个椭圆形的混凝土楼梯形成房屋每层的枢轴点,将它们锚定在陡峭的悬崖上; 楼梯还环绕着一个下降的升降机芯,像煤矿一样把房子的其余部分连接到车库水平。
      Weathered rock formations have been replaced by soft-edged contoured concrete slabs that shear over the entire sandstone layer of the house. An oval concrete staircase forms the pivot point on each floor of the house, anchoring them on a steep cliff; the stairs also surround a descending elevator core and connect the rest of the house to the garage level like a coal mine.
      Rocks are part of the house: from the basement to the highest level of the home, sandstone formations provide ancient geological scenes. Both the living room and the calligrapher's study can see the surface of the rock, as well as gently curved steps, which are carefully carved from the stones that climbed into the old Frangipani tree.
      The design of this family was designed after reading Lin Yutang’s “The Importance of Life”. It is necessary to read in order to better understand the Chinese culture of residence. Just to make climbing a steep mountain slope less laborious, but also need to soften the route into the house and give up the linear geometry of the road.


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