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Lim + Lu作品 | 时装设计师的香港之家

       黄色,绿松石和珊瑚色粉红色的家具为这间以前无色的香港公寓增色  不少,该公寓由当地的Lim + Lu工作室 为一名时装设计师进行了大修。
      Yellow, turquoise, and coral-pink furnishings brighten this previously colourless apartment in Hong Kong, which has been overhauled by local studio Lim + Lu for a fashion designer.       双峰公寓位于九龙岛上的许多高层住宅大楼之一。它的老板,一位巴黎时装设计师,走近Lim + Lu重新设计公寓,以更好地反映他的个性。
      The Twin Peaks Residence is located within one of on Kowloon island's many high-rise residential towers. Its owner, a Parisian fashion designer, approached Lim + Lu to redesign the apartment to better reflect his personality.       “这套公寓是新开发地区数十座类似塔楼的典型小单位。在香港,空间往往是有限的。”联合创始人Elaine Lu告诉Dezeen:“我们的客户想让他的公寓在这片土地上呼吸新鲜空气。”
      "The flat was a typical small unit amongst dozens of similar towers in a newly developed area. The spaces were all the same as the developer put as many units as possible, which is a common practice in Hong Kong where space is often limited," co-founder Elaine Lu told Dezeen. "Our client wanted his flat to be a breath of fresh air in this landscape."       为了解决公寓面积仅有46平方米的公寓有限的空间,实践决定采用明亮的配色方案,使房间看起来更大。在开放式餐厅和起居区,柔和的粉红色墙壁与苍白的强化地板配对,与暖色调的黄色布艺沙发形成鲜明对比。绿松石的走廊通向一间青色的卧室,卧室内摆放着一张带大胆珊瑚椅的小型梳妆台。
      To work around the apartment's limited floor area, which measures just 46 square metres, the practice decided to employ a bright colour scheme to make rooms appear larger.In the open-plan dining and living area soft pink walls have been paired with pale laminate flooring, which contrasts against warm yellow fabric sofas.A turquoise corridor leads through to a teal-coloured bedroom that features a small vanity desk with a bold coral chair.       该公寓的透明窗帘、大理石台面、以及意大利品牌红花的球形吊灯,都提供了中立性。他说:“客户希望公寓充满活力,充满活力,但又不过分。因此,颜色和材料的选择对于达到一种微妙的平衡至关重要。”
      Touches of neutrality are provided by the apartment's sheer curtains, marble table counters, and spherical hanging lamps by the Italian brand Flos. "The client wanted the apartment to be vibrant and full of life without being over the top, hence the choice of colours and materials were vital to achieve a delicate balance," explained Lu.       在可能的情况下,建筑师还安装了反光橱柜,以增强公寓的深度感,并创建更多不同的材质色调。 Lim + Lu先前在香港应用粉红色,玉绿色和图案砖块来完成他们自己的公寓,他们希望将其作为陈列室。同时采用了柔和的色调来制作他们的Mass家具系列。
      Where possible the architects also installed reflective cabinetry to enhance the apartment's sense of depth and create a more diverse material palette. Lim + Lu has previously applied blocks of pink, jade green and patterned tiles to complete their own apartment in Hong Kong, which they wanted to double as a showroom. The design duo has also employed pastel tones to produce their Mass furniture collection.


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