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Lera Brumina新作 | Minsk公寓,极致优雅的高质感

       这间舒适的公寓位于白俄罗斯首都明斯克,由才华横溢的室内设计师Lera Brumina打造。专为一对中年夫妇而设计,他们通常住在城外,是一个临时住宿和下班后放松的休憩之所。
      This cosy apartment is located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and created by talented interior designer Lera Brumina. It has been designed for a middle-aged couple, who usually live outside the city, a pied-à-terre for temporary staying and relaxing after work.
       公寓共56平方米,长度较窄,设有开放式布局,采用了极简主义风格。 厨房和储物空间沿着墙壁放置,并配有定制的内置家具,以最大限度地利用空间。由胡桃木制成的定制床头板填满了卧室的宽度。 胡桃木也在客厅和浴室空间中作为存储空间的饰面板。
      The 56 sqm Apartment is a minimalist apartment characterised by a narrow length with an open floor plan. The kitchen and storage are placed along a wall and feature custom built-in furniture in order to maximise space. A custom headboard constructed of walnut fills the width of the bedroom. Walnut is also expressed and accented in the living and bathroom space as storage panels.
       这个小公寓有很多值得关注的地方,提供强烈的优雅和宁静感。 这是一个轻盈的空间,这要归功于Brumina在整个过程中所考虑的极简主义美感以及在家具中使用自然色调。
      There’s much to love about this small apartment that offers a strong feeling of elegance and serenity. It’s a light space thanks to Brumina’s considered minimalist aesthetic throughout and the use of natural tones in furnishings.


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