Lera Brumina作品 | Breadway Bakery,令人难忘的温馨空间_印际


Lera Brumina作品 | Breadway Bakery,令人难忘的温馨空间

      The Breadway bakery and café located in the center of Odessa, Ukraine is a mix of a café which serves breakfasts and lunches as well as a takeaway spot where is possible to buy bakery products to go.      Lera Brumina和Artem Trigubchak的任务是创造一个温馨,令人难忘的空间。决定使用对比鲜明的颜色和纹理的调色板。Lera致力于内饰概念及其技术部分,Artem致力于内饰的实现。
      The architects of the projects Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak were tasked with creating an inviting, memorable space. It was decided to use a palette of contrasting bright colors and textures.Lera worked on the concept of the interior and its technical part and Artem worked on the realization of the interior.      空间根据其功能分为三个部分。一个深蓝色的外带区,一个位于中心的等候区,一个专门为此任务而设计的粉红色盒子,以及浅灰色区域,您可以在那里品尝一杯卡布奇诺羊角面包。
      Space is divided into three parts according to their function. A deep-blue take-away zone, a waiting zone which is located in the center of space in a pink box designed specially for this task, and light-grey zone, where you can stay for a croissant with a cup of cappuccino.       这个85平方米的面包店设有高天花板和大窗户。为了强调光量,设计师使用Ceramica Bardelli的光泽瓷砖,并为了强调天花板的高度设计了定制的枝形吊灯。内置的家具,桌子和沙发也专门为这个项目而设计。
      The 85 square meter bakery features high ceilings and large windows. To emphasize the amount of light it was used glossy tiles by Ceramica Bardelli, and to emphasize the height of ceilings, were designed custom-made chandeliers. Built-in furniture, tables, and sofas were also designed specially for this project.


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