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Lera Brumina作品 | 99㎡ Apartment,微妙的精致感

      这间公寓是Lera Brumina专为一对带小孩的年轻夫妇而设计。坐落在一个安静的绿色区域。公寓设有高高的天花板和仅一侧的窗户。因此,光线水将公寓分为两部分。照明最多的部分包括一个与生活空间相结合的厨房,一个两层儿童房,一个主卧室和一个家庭办公室,后来将转变为另一个儿童房供第二个孩子使用。
       This apartment was designed for a young couple with a child. It is located in a quiet green district. The apartment features high ceilings and windows only on the one side. Therefore, the light levels divide the apartment into two parts. The most illuminated part includes a kitchen united with a living space, a two-level kids’ room, a master bedroom and a home office which will be later transformed into another kids’ room for the second child.
       The bedroom and the home office are separated from the living room by a sliding glass door construction which maximizes light and when open makes the home office and the living room one space. In the less illuminated part one can find water closets, a hall equipped with roomy storage system and a utility room.
      公寓的装修重点在于结合对比鲜明的纹理 - 温暖的木材,深紫色的纺织品和灰绿色的树脂地板,在视觉上将所有房间整合在一起。这些家具是设计师专为每个房间设计的,可满足客户的需求。公寓装饰有一系列独特的印花,专为此空间而开发。
       The finishing of the apartment focuses on combining contrasting textures−warm wood, deep purple textile and grey-green resin flooring which visually unites all the rooms. The pieces of furniture were specially designed for each room and satisfy the customers’needs. The apartment is decorated with a range of unique prints developed exactly for this space.


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