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Lera Brumina作品 | 80㎡ Apartment,舒适而轻松的生活空间

      这间三室公寓是设计师Lera Brumina专为一对年轻夫妇而设计的。 起居室占据主要部分,设有厨房和用餐区。起居室通过双面家具元件与厨房分开,厨房一侧配有厨房用品,另一侧配有储物系统。
      This three-room apartment was designed for a young couple. The living room occupies the main part and includes a kitchen and a dining area. The living room is separated from the kitchen by a two-sided furniture element which is equipped with kitchen stuff on the one side and a storage system on the other.        中性色调和简约的装饰使这间公寓成为舒适而轻松的生活场所。
      A neutral color scheme and a minimalistic décor make this apartment a comfortable and relaxing place to live.


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