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Lera Brumina作品 | 55㎡ Apartment,来自1950~60年代的苏联美学

      Lera Brumina设计的这个公寓坐落在一栋建于20世纪50年代的房屋内,拥有当时独特的建筑特色。 高高的天花板,防止规划变化的厚墙和两个阳台使这间公寓成为一个特别的生活场所。
      The apartment is situated in a house built in the 1950s with the peculiar architectural features of that time. High ceilings, thick walls that prevent from planning changes and two balconies make this apartment a special place for living.        为了强调其独特的风格和最大化的空间,设计了严格的简洁多功能家具单元。 它包括厨房,玻璃书架,大厅设备和装饰板,将它与卧室内的家具连接起来。设计灵感来自1950 - 60年代的苏联美学。
      To emphasize its unique style and maximize space the strict laconic multifunctional furniture unit was designed. It includes a kitchen, glazing bookshelves, hall equipment and decorative panels which connect it with the pieces of furniture in the bedroom. The design was inspired by the soviet aesthetic of the 1950-60s.


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