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Lera Brumina作品 | 40㎡ Apartment,功能性和极简主义的结合

       功能性和极简主义是Lera Brumina设计这个小公寓的主要出发点。 重要的是要有一个舒适的休息区、工作区和一个完整的厨房。
      Functionality and minimalism were the main requirements to the design of this small apartment. It was important to have a comfortable place for rest and work and a full kitchen.        多功能木制单元旨在满足客户的需求。该单元包括一个宽敞的存储系统,一个带睡眠区的平台和一个舒适的工作区域。它最大化了客厅空间,并作为明亮的色调的中性背景,如沙发或地毯。
      A multifunctional wooden unit was designed to satisfy the customers’ needs. The unit includes a roomy storage system, a podium with a sleeping area and a cosy working place. It maximizes the living room space and functions as a neutral background for the bright accents, such as the sofa or the carpet.


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