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Le Narcisse Blanc | 一帘水仙,微妙的自由精神

      Le Narcisse Blanc位于巴黎的第七区,以其优良的餐饮场所和豪华典雅的建筑而闻名,尤其是香榭丽舍大街(Champ-de-Mars)和荣军院广场(Esplanade des Invalides)。
      Le Narcisse Blanc is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and is renowned for its excellent dining establishments and luxurious, elegant architecture, especially the Champ-de-Mars and the Esplanade des Invalides.        Le Narcisse Blanc以水仙花命名,灵感来自优雅的Cléo de Mérode。Cléo de Mérode是一位芭蕾舞演员,她可以称得上是现代最早的流行偶像。他的朋友作曲家Reynaldho Hahn昵称她为“漂亮的小水仙”(Pretty Little Narcissus)。
      Le Narcisse Blanc, named after a daffodil, is inspired by the elegant Cléo de Mérode. Cléo de Mérode is a ballerina, she can be regarded as the earliest modern pop idol. His friend composer Reynaldho Hahn nicknamed her "Pretty Little Narcissus."         整个酒店都可以找到Cléo de Mérode隐藏自己私人生活的神秘感,以及她微妙的自由精神。酒店的背后,是一个谨慎招待的缩影,展现了奥林匹克运动会的开明精神,低调的精致。
      Cléo de Mérode's mystique of hiding his private life, as well as her subtle spirit of freedom, can be found throughout the hotel. Behind the hotel is a microcosm of cautious hospitality, showing the enlightened spirit of the Olympic Games, low-key exquisite.        Le Narcisse Blanc邀请到了Laurent Bardet和Laurence Jean担任创意总监,Thierry Martin和Thibaut Fron独家打造室内设计。设计师采用了一个令人舒缓的奶油色,淡紫色,金色,黑色和名义上花朵的白色,表达了对芭蕾舞者Cléo de Mérode的无可挑剔的品味致敬。
      Le Narcisse Blanc invited Laurent Bardet and Laurence Jean as creative directors, Thierry Martin and Thibaut Fron exclusively for interiors. The designer uses a soothing white cream of cream, lilac, gold, black and nominally flowers that salutes the impeccable taste of the ballerina Cléo de Mérode.         30间客房和7间套房中的每一间都有不同的配置,配有独特的,整洁的色调,反映了开明的品味。拥有高高的天花板,自然光线和意想不到的宽敞比例。最好的房间位于五楼的高处,可以看到艾菲尔铁塔的部分景观。
      Each of the 30 rooms and 7 suites has a different configuration, with unique, neat tones that reflect the enlightened taste. With high ceilings, natural light and unexpected spacious proportions. The best rooms are located on the fifth floor, with partial views of the Eiffel Tower.         在历史和现代,浪漫和舒适之间,Le Narcisse Blanc提供了罕见的风景变化,潜入巴黎人的文化,艺术和幸福。
      Between history and modernity, romance and comfort, Le Narcisse Blanc offers rare landscape changes that infiltrate Parisian culture, art and happiness.


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