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Laura Hammett作品 | Hans Crescent Knightsbridge

       Laura Hammett在这间位于该地区受欢迎的街区下层的宽敞双卧室公寓(约1,322平方英尺/ 123平方米)。公寓设有大型接待室,开放式厨房,主卧室套房,第二间卧室和浴室以及大楼后方的私人庭院。大约10年前的一个重大改造项目的主题,受益于电梯和白天行李搬运工(上午8点至中午12点),理想地为所有骑士桥提供的世界级设施和海德公园几分钟的位置。
      Laura Hammett is a spacious two-bedroom apartment in the lower part of the popular block in the area (about 1,322 square feet / 123 square meters). The apartment has a large reception room, an open kitchen, a master bedroom suite, a second bedroom and a private courtyard in the back of the building. About ten years ago, a major renovation project, the theme of the benefit from the elevator and baggage handlers in the daytime (8 am to 12 noon), ideally for all knightsbridge world class facilities and the location of the Hyde park a few minutes.


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