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Konstantin Grcic + Sevil Peach作品 | Vitra Work办公家具展,哪里工作得更好

      WORK, exhibited at the Orgatec office furniture fair in Cologne, features three fictional offices that showcase the diversity of today's workplace.       它们包括一个为游牧工人提供的共同工作空间,一个可以在一夜之间变换的灵活办公室,以及一个既关注健康又关注生产力的总部。
      They include a common workspace for nomads, a flexible office that can change overnight, and a headquarters that focuses on health and productivity.       根据Vitra的说法,21世纪的办公室正在不断变化,并且越来越多地与公共领域融合。
      According to Vitra, offices in the 21st century are constantly changing and are increasingly merging with the public domain.       “我们看到人们在任何地方工作 - 在酒店,机场,咖啡馆,海滩,从A到B的火车上,”Vitra首席执行官Nora Fehlbaum解释道。 “这些发展越来越多地将公共空间变成一个高效的工作空间。”
      “We see people working anywhere – at hotels, airports, cafes, beaches, trains from A to B,” explains Vitra CEO Nora Fehlbaum. “These developments are increasingly turning public spaces into an efficient oneWork space. ”       英国工作室Barber和Osgerby探讨了咖啡馆和酒店休息室等空间如何成为非正式的工作空间,在WORK的三个装置之一中。
      British studios Barber and Osgerby explored how spaces such as cafes and hotel lounges can become informal workspaces in one of the three WORK devices.       该设计被称为共享办公室,突出了人们在没有永久依恋的空间中工作的方式。它显示了在这种情况下传统办公桌变得多余 - 游牧工人可以轻松地将笔记本电脑带到沙发上。
      The design is called a shared office, highlighting the way people work in a space without permanent attachment. It shows that in this case the traditional desk becomes redundant - nomads can easily bring the laptop to the couch.       “正式工作规则正在消失,无论我们在何处以及如何工作 - 现在经常在酒店大堂或咖啡馆工作,”工作室创始人Edward Barber和Jay Osgerby解释道。
      “Official work rules are disappearing, no matter where we work and how we work – now often work in hotel lobbies or cafes,” explains studio founders Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.       “因此,办公桌不再是我们工作生活的中心。它正在逐渐消失。”
      “So the desk is no longer the center of our work and life. It is gradually disappearing.”
      安装以Soft Work为中心,这是Barber和Osgerby为Vitra设计的新型模块化沙发系统。除座椅外,该设计还包括台面,电源插座和声学隐私屏幕。
      The installation is centered on Soft Work, a new modular sofa system designed by Barber and Osgerby for Vitra. In addition to the seat, the design includes a countertop, power outlet and acoustic privacy screen.       隔壁,英国设计师Sevil Peach展示了她对当代总部的诠释 - 通常是其所代表公司的风格,态度和价值的旗舰。
      Next door, British designer Sevil Peach showcases her interpretation of contemporary headquarters – usually the flagship of the style, attitude and value of the company it represents.      除了工作空间和会议区域,公司主页还包括专门用于休息的空间,员工可以在那里充电。酒店还设有一个公园和一个员工用餐区 - 这些设施在硅谷开创的科技园区中占有重要地位
      In addition to the workspace and meeting area, the company's home page also includes a space dedicated to rest, where employees can recharge. The hotel also has a park and an employee dining area - these facilities play an important role in the technology park pioneered by Silicon Valley       “当你构思一个办公室项目时,重要的是要抓住公司的精神。如果你设法做到这一点,好的设计几乎可以自己发生,”Peach说。
      “When you're conceiving an office project, it's important to grasp the spirit of the company. If you manage to do this, good design can happen on your own,” Peach said.       办公室配有AC5 - 由Antonio Citterio设计的多功能新办公椅 - 以及Charles和Ray Eames的经典设计,以及由Alvar Aalto于1935年共同创立的家具公司Artek。
      The office is equipped with AC5 - a versatile new office chair designed by Antonio Citterio - and the classic design of Charles and Ray Eames, as well as Artek, a furniture company co-founded by Alvar Aalto in 1935. 
      由德国设计师康斯坦丁·格里奇(Konstantin Grcic)设计的最终装置名为Super Flexible Office。
      The final device designed by German designer Konstantin Grcic is called Super Flexible Office.       这个变形空间可以很容易地从典型的办公室转变为活动空间,然后再回来。它也可以像公司搬入之前一样返回,只需很少的成本或精力。
      This deformation space can be easily changed from a typical office to an active space and then back. It can also be returned as before the company moves in, with little cost or effort.       它旨在适应不断发展的敏捷年轻公司,而且不需要与永久性结构联系在一起。
      It is designed to adapt to an evolving, agile young company and does not need to be tied to a permanent structure.
      "The idea is an empty space that can be redesigned at any time to accommodate new purposes, or to revert to the original settings as soon as possible," Grcic said.
      “I find it very interesting not to create a clear layout. A good analogy is the gym, which can be reconfigured to accommodate a wide variety of sports and activities.”       为了实现这一目标,Grcic的空间配有空间分隔的窗帘,移动隔板,脚轮和椅子上的家具,可以在不需要时堆叠起来。
To achieve this goal, Grcic's space is equipped with space-separated curtains, moving partitions, casters and furniture on the chair that can be stacked when not needed.       其中包括Barber和Osgerby着名的Tip Ton椅子,以及StephanHürlemann设计的Dancing Wall和Grcic设计的Rookie任务椅等新产品。
      These include Barber and Osgerby's famous Tip Ton chair, as well as new products such as Stephan Hürlemann's Dancing Wall and Grucci's Rookie task chair.
      工作展厅于10月23日至27日在Orgatec 2018展出。
      The work hall was exhibited at Orgatec 2018 from October 23rd to 27th.


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