Kevin Dumais作品|Mixed contemporary art of the Middle Ages,混合了中世纪经典的当代艺术 _ 印际


Kevin Dumais作品|Mixed contemporary art of the Middle Ages,混合了中世纪经典的当代艺术

      Kevin Dumais精心地混合了中世纪经典,当代艺术,冷色调和富有质感的纹理,为客户提供了一种既随意又时尚的大都会风格。
      Kevin Dumais carefully mixes medieval classics, contemporary art, cool tones, and textured textures to provide customers with a casual and stylish metropolitan style.       Tribeca的这个往宅的主要是一对夫妇。妻子在挪威奥斯陆长大,她的斯堪的纳维亚人的成长提出了一个独特的设计挑战:“我的丈夫喜欢丹麦现代,但对我来说,这感觉就像我的祖母的房子。我倾向于当代。"
      The main part of this home in Tribeca is a couple. The wife grew up in Oslo, Norway. Her Scandinavian growth presents a unique design challenge: "My husband likes Danish Modern, but for me, it feels like my grandmother's house. I tend to be contemporary. "        设计师Kevin Dumais把这两种美学融合成一个无缝的整体。 使用的是复古作品和造型,但是在饰面上感觉更新鲜一些,比如高度抛光的桃花心木。
      Designer Kevin Dumais combines these two aesthetics into a seamless whole. The use of vintage works and styling, but it feels more fresh on the finish, such as highly polished mahogany.       这对夫妇还依靠Kevin Dumais在个人品味和为家庭和工作生活方式量身打造的家庭之间找到平衡点。 事实上,充满了欢快的西式厨房,装备核桃树和大理石,厨房既时尚又吸引人。
      The couple also relied on Kevin Dumais to find a balance between personal taste and a family tailored for the family and work lifestyle. In fact, it is full of cheerful western kitchens equipped with walnut trees and marble. The kitchen is both stylish and attractive.       尽管如此,公寓并没有完全屈服于周围环境的影响。考虑到这对夫妻希望摆脱上东区的形式,他们的市中心阁楼现在拥有公园大道战前的优雅。
      Despite this, the apartment did not completely succumb to the influence of the surrounding environment. Considering that the couple wanted to get rid of the Upper East Side form, their downtown loft now has the pre-war elegance of Park Avenue.


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