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Kelly Wearstler力作 | Proper Hotel,浪漫主义酒店的构想

      San Francisco Proper酒店坐落在 Mid-Market中心一座1926年建造的历史悠久的建筑内,旧金山承载着由McAllister、Market和Seventh Street这三个三角形组成的独特的Flatiron建筑的历史特色,并在现代风格的浪漫和折衷主义中找到了Kelly Wearstler的室内设计。
      San Francisco Proper is set in a historic building built in 1926 in the heart of the Mid-Market. San Francisco carries the historic features of the unique Flatiron building made up of the three triangles McAllister, Market and Seventh Street, and is in a modern style. The interior design of Kelly Wearstler was found in romance and eclecticism.        Kelly Wearstler用不同的图案、颜色和材料,还有各种著名的欧洲设计家具,用温暖,浪漫的方式重新想象过去。设计保留了大堂和休息室的原有特色,在所有的空间中,选择了一种精致的几何图形,创造出一种色彩鲜明的对比。
      Kelly Wearstler uses different patterns, colors and materials, as well as various famous European design furniture, to re-imagine the past in a warm, romantic way. The design retains the original features of the lobby and lounge. In all spaces, an exquisite geometry has been chosen to create a vivid contrast.        131间设计精美的客房提供一系列的私人休憩场所。 从早期的现代主义,立体派到分离主义时代,酒店的设计将旧世界的浪漫温馨与新的图形活力完美融合。深色,丰富的纹理和天然材料补充了原有建筑的光彩。
      The 131 beautifully designed rooms offer a range of private retreats. From early modernism, cubism to separatist times, the hotel's design blends the romance and warmth of the old world with new graphic dynamism. Dark       colors, rich textures and natural materials complement the brilliance of the original building.        精致的全日制餐厅VILLON充满了来自旧金山丰富的烹饪文化,灵感来自法国立体派画家Jacques Villon,蓝色、黑色和黄色的材料装饰着空间,墙面的三角形和地面的地板都融入了几何图形。
      The exquisite full-day restaurant VILLON is full of San Francisco's rich culinary culture inspired by the French Cubist Jacques Villon. Blue, black and yellow materials decorate the space. The walls of the triangle and the floor of the floor are all geometrically shaped.
      The top bar, Charmaine’s, is full of vibrant culture and chic European style. It is decorated with soft blues, pinks and greys to show the charm of Art Deco. The terrace meets the laid-back “California cool” lifestyle.        通过永恒的设计,直观的服务和对细节的关注,Kelly Wearstler重新塑造城市的过去,现在和未来,为旧金山带来一些新的构想。
      Through eternal design, intuitive service and attention to detail, Kelly Wearstler recreates the past, present and future of the city, bringing some new ideas to San Francisco.


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