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Joyce Wang作品 | 米其林星级餐厅Spiga

       米其林星级厨师Enrico Bartolini新开的Spiga有一种神秘感:迷人的20世纪50年代意大利电影体验,还有由当地建筑师Joyce Wang设计的别致户外花园露台。
      Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini’s newly opened Spiga has a secret ingredient: a charming cinematic experience of retro 1950s Italy with a chic outdoor garden terrace created by local architect Joyce Wang.         八角酒吧和休息室灵感来自20世纪50年代意大利马戏团的世界,类似于帐篷面料的丝绸壁纸挂在中央,。该工作室采购各种原创马戏团设备,如杂耍别针和火焰喷射器,在墙上活动,完成奇观。
      The Octagon Bar and Lounge is inspired by the world of the 1950s Italian circus, with silk wallpaper hung from a central panel to resemble tent fabric. The studio sourced a variety of original circus apparatus such as juggling pins and flame throwers to liven the walls and complete the spectacle.         从20世纪50年代开始,意大利的许多照明设计都有着截然不同的形象和个性 - 他们扮演着不同的角色。设计师采集了大量的灯光,并将其分组在马戏团和广场等意大利背景中,为Spiga带来了众多的体验。
      So many Italian lighting designs from the 1950s have really distinct profiles and personalities – they all feel like different characters. We have sourced a large number of lights and grouped them in celebrated Italian backdrops such as the circus and piazza to bring out a multitude of experiences across Spiga.        露台的设计感觉像一个宽敞的花园,各种大小和种类的植物贯穿始终。沿着周边有小屋,感觉就像是半私人户外餐厅。在这个中心,有一大堆深深的宴会厅背靠背排列,营造出一个更有趣和活泼的氛围。
      The terrace is designed to feel like a spacious garden, with plants of various sizes and species throughout. There are cabanas along the perimeter, which feel like semi-private outdoor dining rooms. In the center, there’s a collection of large, deep banquettes arranged back-to-back for a more fun and lively atmosphere.


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