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Jean Michel Wilmotte作品 | 松果庄园,纯净精致的原始美学

       松果庄园前身圣特罗佩斯酒店开业于1936年开,2016年成为路威酩轩酒店管理集团(LVMH)的新成员。刚刚经过建筑师Jean-Michel Wilmotte的彻底改造,在2018年5月17重新开业。
      The predecessor of the Residence de la Pinede, the Saint-Tropez hotel, opened in 1936 and became a new member of the Luwei Xuan Hotel Management Group (LVMH) in 2016. It was just re-engineered by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and reopened on May 17, 2018.        La Residence de La Pinede与建筑师Jean-Michel Wilmotte合作推出了一个新的设计概念。这位著名的建筑师是LVMH集团的长期合作伙伴,他对该酒店的设计灵感来自其海滨位置。与酒店的原始美学结合,创造了温暖,热情和现代完美结合的作品.
      La Residence de La Pinede has teamed up with architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to introduce a new design concept. The famous architect is a long-term partner of the LVMH Group, and his design is inspired by its beachfront location. Combining with the original aesthetics of the hotel, it creates a perfect combination of warmth, enthusiasm and modernity.        新概念巧妙地利用自然阳光照亮空间,精致的木质花边为客人提供终极隐私。在卧室和浴室,Jean-Michel使用了复杂的地中海材料;柔软的木质家具,暖色调中带有淡淡的蓝色,与周围的景色相呼应。
      The new concept subtly uses natural sunlight to illuminate the space, and the exquisite wooden lace provides guests with ultimate privacy. In the bedroom and bathroom, Jean-Michel uses intricate Mediterranean materials; soft wooden furniture with a light blue colour in warm tones that echoes the surrounding landscape.        White-on-white Guerlain水疗中心的特色是一个冰镇的“香水酒窖”,里面陈列着perfume cellar的香水。
      The White-on-white Guerlain Spa features an icy "perfume wine cellar" with perfumes from perfume cellar.        在米其林三星级餐厅La Vague d'Or里,晚餐在被风吹拂的松树下提供的。在这里,大厨阿诺德·多克莱(Arnaud Donckele)展示了他精致细腻、解构现代法国美食。
      In La Vague d'Or, a three-star Michelin restaurant, dinner is served under the wind-blown pine trees. Here, Chef Arnaud Donckele shows his exquisite and deconstructed modern French cuisine.        Jean Michel Wilmotte将该建筑描述为“一个特殊的地方,沐浴在地中海之中,表达了它的魔力,这与我们的时代产生了共鸣”,并评论道“我们以当代的方式加强了现有的装饰,强调了与自然、高贵材料的关系,当然还有Roger Capron的作品。”这是一种纯净、温暖和精致的组合,充分体现了La Residence de La Pinede的概念。
      Jean Michel Wilmotte described the building as “a special place, bathed in the Mediterranean, expressing its magic, which resonates with our times” and commented, “We have strengthened the existing in a contemporary way. The decoration emphasizes the relationship with nature, noble materials, and of course Roger Capron's work.” This is a combination of purity, warmth and sophistication that fully reflects the concept of La Residence de La Pinede.


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