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J-spy作品 | Catskills节能别墅,周末度假胜地

      Description sent by the project team. This small house located in Catskills, New York, bases its objective on being a weekend getaway for a family that lives near the city of New York. The house is designed on 6 hectares of land, but has just over 1,000 square feet, enough space to provide a comfortable environment for the family to enjoy the nature of the site.        在夏天,地热系统转变为冷却管道系统。高效节能的机械系统,连同在夏季提供遮阳和在冬季允许太阳能热量增加的屋顶悬垂,有助于使这座房子非常节能。这所房子是探索Catskills地区和自然环境的理想场所。
      In the summer, the geothermal system changes to a system of cooling ducts. The energy-efficient mechanical system, together with roof overhangs that provide shade in the summer and allow the increase of solar heat in the winter, help make this house very energy efficient. The house is the perfect place to explore the site and the natural environment of Catskills.


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