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I/O Architects作品 | White Concrete Old House

      由I/O Architects设计的这个别墅在重建之前,这座20世纪20年代的房子是一个浪漫的废墟,被古老的奥古斯塔特拉亚纳那里真实和新建的碎片所包围,与当代城市相隔离,但处于其中心。
      The villa, designed by I / O Architects, prior to its reconstruction, this house from the 1920s was a romantic ruin surrounded by authentic and new-built fragments of ancient Augusta Traiana and rather isolated from the contemporary city, yet in its very center.        这场干预继续了时间补偿的游戏,并将设计带到了当代对先锋派的诠释,当时这座房子已经建成。
      The intervention continues the game of time offsets and brings the design to a contemporary interpretation of the avant-garde, at the time the house was built.       新的白色混凝土体积补充了老房子的结构和程序,开口的组成、以及添加的模糊元素和物质的元素融合了这两个独特的实体,新楼梯的空间及其设计将光线带入整个作品的中心,然而新光滑的白色混凝土板整合,隐藏了房屋的所有当代技术。
      A new volume of white concrete complements the structure and the program of the old house. The composition of the openings, the ambiguous elements of the addition and the materiality blend the two distinctive entities. The space of the new stair and its design bring light into the center of the entire composition. The new glossy white concrete slabs integrate and conceal all the contemporary technology of the house.


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