Huntly作品 | Moby 3143,托斯卡纳粉咖啡馆 _ 印际


Huntly作品 | Moby 3143,托斯卡纳粉咖啡馆

      Tuscany pink and a dark blue star immersed in this all day cafe. Huntly swept the three levels of the destination and led the diners through the shell of the building in the late 70s. The 70s appearance of the corner location has been updated for the new monochrome cool.
       一旦进入,粉红色的小野鸭瓷砖组合打破了真诚与流行,迫使顾客上楼梯到夹层餐厅,并进一步到屋顶 - 进入澳元太阳。
      Once entered, the pink tile combination of small ducks broke the sincerity and popularity, forced the customers to go up the stairs to the sandwich restaurant, and further to the roof - into the Australian dollar sun.


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