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Hecker Guthrie作品 | Toorak Residence,兼收并蓄的美学

      这个公寓位于令人垂涎欲滴的Toorak郊区,这个有点熟悉的家庭已被墨尔本最受追捧的室内设计二人组合给予了新的生活。 Toorak Residence结合了永恒的优雅和现代设计,展现了Hecker Guthrie在尊重客户历史的同时聆听客户需求的能力。
      Located in the coveted suburb of Toorak, this somewhat familiar home has been given a new lease on life by one of Melbourne’s most sought after interior design duo. Uniting timeless elegance and modern design, the Toorak Residence showcases the Hecker Guthrie’s ability to listen to the clients requirements while respecting the history of the home in the process.        设计师Hecker Guthrie与客户形成强有力的联系。客户和设计师之间这种密切的工作关系,在设计这个公寓时,可以采取全面和个人化的方法。这个团队有机会向客户展示他们自己旅行时收集的大量艺术品和古董。用Hecker Guthrie的话来说,“来自客户旅行的折衷和珍贵的物品被画成了一个崭新的生活,并与当代的风格合二为一”。新旧的融合创造了一种兼收并蓄的美学。
      Forming a strong connection with their clients is something Hecker Guthrie do so well. This close-knit working relationship between client and designer allowed for a holistic and personal approach when it came to designing this family home. The team jumped at the opportunity to expose the client’s extensive collection of art and antiques that have been compiled along their travels. In the words of Hecker Guthrie, “Eclectic and precious items from the client’s travels are drawn into a sharp relief and given new life, while juxtaposed with contemporary styling”. This somewhat romantic fusion of when the old meets the new creates an eclectic, yet compelling aesthetic.        在现有的建筑引导设计下,为这个1980年代澳大利亚的家庭定下了基调。拱形的门廊和装饰性的墙壁造型一起创造出完美的小插曲,有趣地将您的视线引入隔壁房间。精致的材料选择包括天然石材和浴室装饰马赛克瓷砖,餐厅使用温暖的染色木地板和其它区域则使用柔软的地毯。不是所有的设计都是经典的,清爽的白色墙壁被黑色装置点亮,提供了一个轻微的当代风格,而流行的颜色行是通过古怪的造型和超大的艺术品哄托出来的。
      The existing architecture guided the design and set the tone of this 1980’s Australian home. Together, the arched doorways and decorative wall mouldings create perfect vignettes, intriguingly drawing your eye into the next room. The refined choice of materials include natural stone and a decorative mosaic tile in the bathroom, while warm stained timber lines the dining room floors and a soft carpet was used in the remaining central areas. Not all classic in design, crisp white walls are complimented by black fixtures to offer a slight contemporary edge, while pops of colour are introduced through the quirky styling items and oversized artwork.        个性和独特感是最引起我们注意的。不难看出,Hecker Guthrie通过将客户喜爱的许多东西融入到家庭的造型和设计中,满足了业主的要求。从客户对香奈儿(Chanel)的爱的诠释,到构成这个定制家庭基因的图案,质地和古董珍品,这是一座独特的房子。如果只用二个单词用来总结这个家,这将是完美无瑕。
      A sense of personality and uniqueness is what caught our attention most. It’s not hard to see that Hecker Guthrie have met the brief to a tee by incorporating many things the clients love into the styling and design of their home. From the playful interpretation of the client’s love of Chanel to the patterns, textures and vintage treasures that make up the DNA of this bespoke home, this is a house with a distinct identity. If there were only two words we could use to sum up this home it would be flawless sophistication.


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