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Hecker Guthrie作品 | Mitchelton Winery Hotel, 维多利亚的宁静

       Mitchelton Winery Hotel是众多新豪华公寓中的一个,它的颜色结合维多利亚的宁静和葡萄酒之乡的灿烂。在维多利亚市中心(显然是维多利亚最保守的葡萄酒秘密),这也是Hecker Guthrie在最近几个月里第二次在该州开业的酒店,此前该公司对位于莫宁顿半岛的红山地区的Lindenberry Hote进行了翻新。不过,Michelton历史对建筑更敏感——Hecker Guthrie 对Robin Boyd的一种轻触式的设计,可以追溯到1967年的酒庄建筑。该酒庄最初是由 Boyd设计的,但最终由建筑师Ted Ashton于1974年完成。在2013年,Hecker Guthrie完成了对酒厂的改造——包括引人注目的尖顶。Mitchelton Winery Hotel 本身就是一个新的结构——包括60年代末最初的想法,但由于预算限制,计划从未没有实现。Hecker Guthrie去年12月开业的58个房间的酒店和水疗中心,延续了Mitchelton地产50年的设计之旅。
      The Mitchelton Winery Hotel is one of a number of new, luxury lodgings colouring Victoria’s quiet, sunny wine country. In Central Victoria (apparently Victoria’s best-kept wine secret) , it’s also the second historic regional hotel by Hecker Guthrie to open in the state in recent months – following the firm’s careful refresh of the heritage-style Lindenberry Hotel in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. The Michelton’s history is maybe a little more architecturally sensitive however – with Hecker Guthrie applying just a light touch to Robin Boyd designed winery buildings dating back to 1967. While the winery was originally dreamt up by Boyd, the site was completed by architect Ted Ashton in 1974. Hecker Guthrie completed the sensitive renovation of the winery – including the striking steeple – in 2013. The Mitchelton Winery Hotel itself is a new structure – there was an original idea to include one in the late 60s, but plans were never realised due to budget constraints. Hecker Guthrie’s 58-room hotel and spa, which opened in December last year, continues the Mitchelton property’s 50-year design journey.        这家酒店的理念是在Mitchelton创造一种新的体验,但要尊重它所有的现元素——酿酒厂、它的历史和Michelton shiraz,还有风景如画的Goulbourn Valley乡村。受它的位置和周围的Nagambie马钉的启发,室内设计在自然环境中设置了基调:质朴的褐色和柔和的灰色,以及斑驳的胶木绿色。这里有54个33的“河”和“葡萄园”的观景室,还有4个宽敞的57平的套房。每个房间都有落地窗和阳台,以更好地融合周围的环境、木材和Bose音响系统,以提高室内体验。在Goulbourn河岸上,有一个由Jamie Clapham设计20米的游泳池。更多的项目是由Hecker Guthrie在Yellowtrace上的。
      The idea for the hotel was to create a new experience at Mitchelton, but pay respect to all of its pre-existing anchors – the winery, its history and the Michelton shiraz, but also the picturesque Goulbourn Valley countryside. Inspired by its location and surrounding Nagambie horse studs, interiors have drawn on the natural environment to set the tone: earthy browns and muted greys, alongside mottled gumtree greens. There are 54 33sqm ‘River’ and ‘Vineyard’ view rooms, and then four spacious 57sqm suites. Each room features floor to ceiling windows and private terrace balconies to better take in the surrounds, timber joinery and Bose sound systems too, to enhance the in-room experience. And on the banks of the Goulbourn River is a 20m infinity pool, landscaped by Jamie Clapham. See more projects by Hecker Guthrie on Yellowtrace.


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