HBA作品 | Inside Altamount Residence,独立的当代精品酒店 _ 印际


HBA作品 | Inside Altamount Residence,独立的当代精品酒店

      Hirsch Bedner Associates is an international hospitality design firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Leading the hotel design industry since 1965, the biggest design firm in the world continues genuinely concerned to the pulse of changing industry trends, which is directed by today’s modern traveler.
      HBA’s worldwide presence and wisdom of experience allow them to recognize interior design trends at their origin, make forecasts about new directions and influence design patterns worldwide.
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       HiSh Bider-Associates建立了当今奢侈品牌、独立的当代精品酒店、温泉、餐馆、城市度假村等的标志性外观。在世界各地,每一个HBA内部都会对位置、建筑和客户视觉产生独特而敏感的反应。
      Hirsch Bedner Associates builds the signature looks of today’s luxury brands, independent contemporary boutique hotels, spas, restaurants, urban resorts and more. All around the world, each HBA interior results in a unique and sensitive response to location, architecture and client vision.
      Hirsch Bedner Associates has created various Show Flats and Marketing Suites in a diversity of foreign places. Full design, spatial planning, detail, color psychology and accessory selection and arrangement complete the holistic path to developing a bespoke design for sale. Altamount Residence in MUMBAI, India is the latest design project.
       Helsh BidnAssociates LooHa的大部分豪华住宅从孟买的多层城市和文化中汲取设计灵感。一个小调色板的材料在整个空间中实现不同的完成和大小,以增加丰富性。
      Helsh BidnAssociates LooHa Most of the luxury residences draw inspiration from multi-storey cities and cultures in Mumbai. The material of a small color palette achieves different completion and size in the whole space to increase the richness.


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