Haykin Architects作品:N16_印际


Haykin Architects作品 | N16,一个热情好客的家

      三个巨大的混凝土墙壁定义了房子的轮廓。在这些50厘米厚的保护墙之间,我们创造了一个精致的玻璃世界,精美的大理石,木工,钢铁和无可挑剔的白色表面。 2厘米厚的钢制紫色楼梯假装没有重量,从地下室到屋顶就像树一样伸展。重型Corten钢制推拉门可保护花园生活免受繁忙都市生活的影响。
      Three massive concrete walls define the outlines of the house. Between these protective, 50 cm thick walls, we created a delicate world of glass, fine marbles, carpentry, steel, and impeccable white surfaces. Purple stairs in 2 cm thick steel pretend to be weightless and reach, like a tree, from the basement to the roof. A heavy Corten steel sliding door protects the garden life from the busy city life       停车/车间向紧凑的城市花园开放,大量覆盖着竹子和草。这是大自然逃离房屋秩序的地方。巨大的混凝土墙壁还创造了一组对角线透明胶片,可以让您观看和观看游戏。房子的每个部分都被设计为其时尚业主的潜在时装表演。它表达了客户对最好的材料,最好的品牌以及穿着它们的真正快乐的热情渴望:衣服,家具和房子本身
      The parking/workshop is open to the compact urban garden and is abundantly covered with bamboos and grasses. This is where nature escapes the order of the house. The massive concrete walls also create a set of diagonal transparencies that allow the game of seeing and being seen. Every part of the house is designed as a potential catwalk for its fashionable owners. It expresses the client’s passionate desire for the finest materials, the best brands and true joy of wearing all of them: the clothes, the furniture and the house itself


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