Hare & Klein作品 | The Old Dairy,当代风格与古老家具的相得益彰 _ 印际


Hare & Klein作品 | The Old Dairy,当代风格与古老家具的相得益彰

      这栋建于19世纪80年代的老奶牛场经过Hare & Klein精心翻新,融合了当代风格,与古老的家具相得益彰。相互联系的空间具有自己的意义和特征,反映了业主的艺术收藏和个性。
      The respectful refurbishment of this 1880’s old dairy with contemporary additions is balanced with a quirky furnishings strategy that bridges old and new. The interlinking series of spaces have their own meaning and character reflecting the art collection and personalities of the owners.        设计师采用大地色调以回应原建筑的特色,同时采用了柔和的连接饰面进行缓解,并引入家具来增强每个区域。从厨房到画廊/餐厅的新地板将新旧结合很好的体现了这一点。新厨房的氛围和装饰舒适地进入传统的正式餐厅,恢复了时代的细节。
      Our response to the building’s original dominant materials was to embrace the earth tones but mitigate with softer linking finishes and introduce furnishings that enhance each area. This is clearly exemplified in the kitchen to gallery/dining room area where new floorboards unite the old and new. The mood and finishes of the new kitchen comfortably lead into the traditional formal dining gallery with reinstated period details.


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