Hare & Klein作品 | Hilltop Harbour,精致优雅的家庭住宅 _ 印际


Hare & Klein作品 | Hilltop Harbour,精致优雅的家庭住宅

      Our clients’ brief for the interior of this newly built home overlooking Sydney harbour, was to create a sophisticated, elegant family home emanating warmth, drama, contrast and comfort.           Hare & Klein在整个入口创建了一系列有凝聚力的空间,其中包括一系列框架内部景观,门户和屏风,插入到清晰的缩放,舒适的空间。 这些元素保持了平面布局的流畅性和采光性,同时创造了私密,亲密和连通性。
      We created a cohesive sequence of spaces throughout the entry level with a series of framed interior vistas, portals and screens, inserted to articulate scaled, comfortable spaces.  These elements kept the floor plan fluid and light-filled whilst simultaneously creating intrigue, intimacy and connectivity.        设计师成功地平衡了建筑围护结构的男性美学和客户的优雅简洁。考虑到材料的过渡,产生了纹理、颜色和比例的动态并置。温暖,原始,凉爽,抛光和打蜡的元素交织在一起,创造了一个独特而和谐的结构的有趣结合。
      A successful balance was achieved between the masculine aesthetic set by the architectural envelope and the elegant brief set by the Client.  Considered transitioning of materials resulted in a dynamic juxtaposition of texture, colour and scale.  Warm, raw, cool, polished and waxed elements are woven throughout creating an intriguing marriage of distinct but harmonious textures.


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