Hare & Klein作品 | City Penthouse,营造温馨迷人的氛围 _ 印际


Hare & Klein作品 | City Penthouse,营造温馨迷人的氛围

      这座顶层公寓位于城市摩天大楼的56层和57层,邀请到Hare & Klein进行翻新,以满足客户的生活方式。重要的是要充分利用空间,同时营造温馨迷人的氛围。
      Perched on the 56th and 57th levels of a city skyscraper, Invited to Hare & Klein for renovation. and renovation to suit our clients’ lifestyle. It was important to take advantage of the bird’s eye views, whilst creating a warm and inviting interior.        翻新工程范围广泛,涉及厨房,浴室,楼梯和露台的重新设计,包括所有服务,照明和装修,以及部分房间的重新分配,以创造一个特别为这个时尚客户简要的书房和步入式衣帽间。
      The renovation was extensive and involved redesign of the kitchen, bathrooms, staircase and terrace including all services, lighting and finishes as well as reallocation of some of the rooms to create a study and walk-in robe specially decorated to our fashion conscious client’s brief.        设计师将厨房打开到双层空间,连接两个层面,通过安装Tom Dixon Beat灯创造了巨大的冲击力。家具和地毯的选择和放置创造了私密的生活区域。
      We opened up the kitchen to the double volume space linking the two levels creating dramatic impact with an installation of Tom Dixon Beat lights. The selection and placement of the furniture and rugs created intimate living areas.


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