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Hare & Klein作品 | City Fringe,独特朴素的当代语言

       在维多利亚时代的露台之间,这栋拥有野兽派外观房屋被Hare & Klein大胆地重新想象成一个平静,温馨的避难所。 应用于新设计内部形状的饰面的清晰突出了强烈的几何形状,并且在垂直和水平方向上无缝连接内部,同时将郁郁葱葱的景观框架化。
      Wedged between Victorian terraces the brutalist envelope of this home has been boldly reimagined as a calm, inviting sanctuary. The articulation of finishes applied to newly created interior forms highlights the strong geometry and seamlessly connects the interiors vertically and horizontally whilst framing the lush landscaping beyond.        清脆的细节将重点放在为其固有的自然美景选择的戏剧性的饰面上,产生独特朴素的当代语言。重新设计注入了纹理和戏剧性,营造出内敛,充满活力的内饰。
      Crisp detailing brings into focus the dramatic palette of finishes selected for their inherent natural beauty, producing a unique unadorned contemporary language. The redesign injects texture and theatre creating a cohesive, energizing interior.


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