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Gwenael Nicolas作品 | Moncler 迪拜精品店,沙漠中的冰山

        Moncler与Gwenael Nicolas合作,在迪拜开设了他们的第一家品牌精品店,加强了在中东的品牌形象。这个精品店位于世界上最大购物中心之一的Dubai Mall,也是奢侈品购物最佳的停留点,总面积250平方米的精品店展示了新的建筑理念,体现了品牌的传统和现代品质。
      Moncler collaborated with Gwenael Nicolasto open their first mono-brand boutique in Dubai, which strengthens the brand presence in the Middle East.Located inside the Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping centres and unavoidable stop-off point for luxury shopping, the boutique with total area of 250 sqm shows the new architectural concept, embodying a combination of the heritage and the contemporary quality of the brand.        门面以巨大的白色石头欢迎游客,就像是巨大的浮动的冰山,向观众展示了品牌的精髓。精致的石材切割描绘了破碎的冰块表面,表达了自然的美丽和力量。
      The facade welcomes visitors with a large white stone like an iceberg floated in the huge atrium, which shows the viewer the essence of brand.Delicate stone cutting portrays the surface of broken ice blocks, which expresses beauty and power of nature.       进入内部,顾客会惊讶于垂直的内部空间与入口的印象形成鲜明的对比,非常高的天花板为游客提供了愉快的体验,如在森林中探索,浮动产品展示在不同的高度,这将自然地引导游客找到他们喜欢的物品,并给他们带来消费的乐趣。
      Visitors will be surprised by the vertical interior creating the significant contrast with an impression of the entrance, when they come inside.The very high ceiling gives visitors enjoyable experience like exploring in a forest, with floating products displayed at different heights, which will naturally guide visitors to find their favorite items and give them fun to purchase.        自然的力量也用深色木材和灰色宝石中精心挑选的调色板表达。它们的质地同时体现了精致和优雅,为所有品牌系列创造了永恒的舞台。与黑暗的商店区域相反,试衣间覆盖着绗缝白色皮革,表现出Moncler羽绒服的内衬。
      The strength of nature is also expressed with carefully selected color palette in dark woods and grey stones. Their texture characterizes refinement and elegance at the same time, and creates a timeless stage for all the brand’s collections.Contrary to the dark store area, the fitting room is covered with quilted white leather, expressing a lining of Moncler down jacket.


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