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Gwenael Nicolas新作 | 东京中心的塔楼住宅,河流的形态

       Gwenael Nicolas为位于东京市中心、靠近东京车站的这座豪华塔楼设计了大堂和空中休息室。该地区以前是江户时代(东京的前身)的商业和文化中心,拥有一个被护城河和河流环绕的大型住宅。
      Curiosity designed the lobby and sky lounge for a luxury tower residence situated in the heart of Tokyo, close to Tokyo station. The area was previously a commercial and cultural hub during the Edo period (the former name for Tokyo) and featured a large residence surrounded by a moat and a river.       大堂的室内设计从周围的环境中汲取灵感,大块的石头与传统的日本城堡墙相映成趣。天花板的棱角形态源自河流,当你在空间中穿行时,它会在很大程度上创造出节奏和亲密感。
      The interior of the lobby draws inspiration from the surrounding context, with large pieces of stone angled in the way of a traditional Japanese castle wall. The angular form of the ceiling derived from the river creates rhythm and intimacy on a large scale as you move through the space.       由Gwenael Nicolas设计的艺术作品为给空间带来了半透明和轻盈的感觉。这个图案是对河流水滴的一种解释。家具也是为了配合空间而设计的。
      The art piece also designed by Curiosity gives translucency and lightness to the space. The pattern is an interpretation of the river water drops. The furniture was also designed to match the space.       窗帘由Nuno的Reiko Sudo打造,让人想起大堂休息室的整个高度落下的水瀑布。让人联想到瀑布从大堂休息室的高度倾泻而下。由日本工匠手工制作的精致的手工图案,使空间的氛围更加完美。
      The curtain was created by Reiko Sudo of Nuno, and reminds of a water fall cascading down the full height of the lobby lounge. A delicate pattern of hand made materials crafted by Japanese artisans completes the ambiance of the space.       天空休息室设有一个酒吧休息区,可通往东京的天际线。背光的柜台反射在天花板上,增加了空间的高度和戏剧性。
      In the sky lounge,The upper floor with a bar-lounge area widely open to the skyline of Tokyo. The back-lit counter is reflected in the ceiling, adding height and drama to the space.       由Reiko Sudo创作的艺术作品。
      Art pieces created by Reiko Sudo.       图书馆和书房完善了客人体验。简洁的色彩和微妙的纹理为住宅增添了舒适感和精致感。
      A library and study room completes the guest experience.The simple palette of colors and subtle textures gives a sense of comfort and refinement to the residence.


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