Gwenael Nicolas新作 | Dolce&Gabbana迈阿密店,致敬米兰芭蕾舞剧院_印际


Gwenael Nicolas作品 | Dolce&Gabbana迈阿密店,致敬米兰芭蕾舞剧院

      新的Dolce&Gabbana商店在迈阿密设计区开业,玻璃外观就像是一幅透明窗帘。 Dolce&Gabbana世界展现在“幕后”,仿佛我们看到的剧院的后台。它由Gwenael Nicolas设计,意在向米兰的歌剧芭蕾剧院Teatro Alla Scala致敬,这也是Domenico Dolce和Stefano Gabbana最喜欢的地方之一。
      New Dolce&Gabbana store was opened in Design District, Miami, with glass fa?ade like a transparent curtain. Dolce&Gabbana world is shown “BEHIND THE CURTAIN” , as if we could see a back stage in a theatre. Designed by Gwenael Nicolas, it pays homage to the Teatre alla Scalla in Milan, one of the favorite places for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
      Glass facade dynamically spanning between two floors has luminous reflections, filled with light from the Sunshine State. Wavering light with wavy fa?ade creates illusion of movement for store display.The single curtain-like glass wall connecting first and second floor creates a sense of drama.
       “BEHIND THE CURTAIN” space of Dolce&Gabbana is created as if visitors entered a theatre. Collections are surrounded by furnishings with Baroque mirrors, counters, and walnut furniture embellished with polished steel or gold velvet. In combination with clear glass display counters and various color of precious jewelries, the ensemble is reminiscent of the set design of a theatrical play.The ceilings are fitted with spotlights illuminating Italian-crafted classic sculptures, decors of an opera or drama ready to be performed.
      The stairs connecting the two floors is a play of floating travertine slabs, like a magical stairs that would be used in an enchanted play. Similar color tone with various thickness and texture of material emphasizes the authenticity and naturalness of those stones.
      On the second floor, the black industrial feeling of the ceiling emphasis the back stage feeling with all mechanisms visisble. The deconstructed composition of the stone walls and ceiling, contrast the different stones finishes and patterns gives a sense of timelessness, reminiscence of the Italian origins.


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