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Greg Natale作品 | Strathfield House, 开放式的住宅设计

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      Greg Natale设计的这座悉尼全新的建筑反应了客户“永不过时”的愿景。
      This brand new build in Sydney responded to the client's brief that the home "never date".        这五间卧室是设计的核心,另外房子的三楼是其家庭成员的休闲空间。设计师采用了开放式的设计,为了最大化自然采光,利用了充足的玻璃、石材和暖色的木材,舒适的游泳池、地下车库和酒窖通过一个巨大的丝带楼梯连接相连在一起。
Central to the design of this five bedroom, tri-level house was the lifestyle of its family occupants. Largely open-plan and responding to the site to maximise natural light, the home boasts an abundance of glass, travertine and warm timbers as well as a sleek pool, underground garaging and wine cellar - all linked by a dramatic sweeping ribbon stair.


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