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Greg Natale作品 | James Said Collections零售体验店

      随着珀斯东海岸豪华家具零售商James Said Collections的到来,Greg Natale用一种全新的悉尼风格,以敏锐的方式回应了James Said Collections的零售体验。
      With the arrival on the East Coast of Perth’s luxury furniture retailer, James Said Collections, The brief was to sensitively echo the existing James Said retail experience with a fresh Sydney twist.        零售店位于悉尼的帕丁顿郊区,300平方米的空间被浅灰色人字形木地板,黑色和白色玻璃和大理石饰面处理。 双层高度的空间采用了一个智能解决方案,从中可以挂起James Said进口出售的装饰吊灯。
      Taking over a prime high-street location in the chic inner-Sydney suburb of Paddington, the 300 square metre space was treated with new light grey herringbone timber flooring, black and white glass and marble finishes. Overhead the double height space required a smart solution from which to hang the array of decorative chandeliers and lighting that James Said import for sale.        人造梁网格的设计,不仅隐藏现有的钢桁架,同时又为James Said进口出售的装饰吊灯的安装提供的位置。 在装饰层面,这个网格还有助于打破展厅的空间划分。从网格中悬挂窗帘以创建独立的展示区,让每个家具都可以单独展示,并减少从一个房间到另一个房间的视觉混乱。
      A grid of faux beams was created to conceal the existing steel trusses, whilst providing additional surface area for lights to be installed. On a decorative level, this grid also served to break up the space and demarcate zones on the showroom floor. From the grid sheer drapery is hung to create seperate displays, allowing each setting of furniture to be presented individually and reduce visual clutter from one room to the next.


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