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Greg Natale作品 | Geelong Cats 足球俱乐部

      Greg Natale为一个私人客户设计了一个私人俱乐部,业主希望能在所有主场比赛中为Geelong Cats AFL (吉朗猫队是澳式足球的一支强队)呐喊助威。
      Greg Natale was engaged by a private client to design a game-changing private suite from which to cheer on the Geelong Cats AFL team at all home games.
      Taking his cues from the Polo Lounge in New York City, Natale set about creating a sumptuous clubhouse feel with intricately detailed coffered ceilings and custom Tasmanian Oak flooring and joinery throughout.
      黑色石材台面和定制黄铜的细节为俱乐部带来豪华气息。Ralph Lauren设计的天花吊灯、壁灯和台灯,在晚上发出了一种忧郁、亲切的光芒。
      Cambrian Black granite bench tops and custom brass trim brings a luxurious touch. Ceiling lights, wall sconces and table lamps from Ralph Lauren cast a moody, intimate glow in the evenings when the stadium lights flood the playing field.
       为了确保这个俱乐部独一无二,Greg Natale专门设计了所有家具:凳子,桌子,休息椅,配有漂亮木材的边桌和边椅,豪华皮革和黄铜细节。
      Ensuring that this suite be unlike any other, Greg Natale designed all furniture specifically for the space: stools, tables, lounges, banquettes, side tables and chairs with beautiful timbers, luxurious leathers and brass hardware.
       来自Greg Natale的Porter's Paints系列墙纸强调了业主对Geelong Cats的忠诚,蓝白相间的元素来自Geelong Cats的队服,墙面上还挂有许多罕见的球队纪念品。
      Wallpaper from Greg Natale’s collection for Porter’s Paints underscores the owner’s allegiance to the Geelong Cats with the teams colours in blue and white as well as Cats memorabilia and rare team artefacts adorning the walls.


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