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Greg Natale作品 | Alfords Point House,法式优雅风情

      由设计师Greg Natale打造的这栋新建别墅有五间卧室,业主有一个清晰明确的想法,他们的新家必须要有旧市好莱坞的魅力和流行的色彩,同时需要有法国优雅风情。
      The owners of this five bedroom new-build had a clear and defined brief - their new home had to capture the glamour of old Hollywood, it should pop with colour and there should be an air of French Chateux elegance.        这栋房子的灰色地面与白色的墙面形成对比,黑色用来创造动态的视觉效果,而深黄、深蓝色和粉红色创造了鲜明的色调。给内饰、床上用品、布艺和定制地毯设计带来了深度和兴趣。大量的黄金和黄铜的金属元素增加了奢华感。
     The home is layered carefully in dove greys which are contrasted with sharp white wall panels, mouldings and cornices. Black too is used to create a dynamic visual counterpoint, whilst mustards, navy and peacock blues as well as blush pinks create fresh flourishes of colour that bring depth and interest in upholstery, bedding, drapery and custom rug designs. Brilliant metallics in gold and brass are used throughout, adding to the luxe factor.


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