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Graux&Baeyens作品 | House LC 创造性的解决方案

      House LC是一家位于比利时Anzegem的小房子,由Graux&Baeyens设计。情节的梯形形状迫使建筑师找到创造性的解决方案。建造了一个半开放的房子,它在街道一侧非常狭窄地开始,并通向地块的后面。情节的分歧意味着侧面外观成为房屋景观的一部分,因此也有助于街景。
      House LC is a minimal home located in Anzegem, Belgium, designed by Graux & Baeyens. The trapezium shape of the plot forced the architects to find a creative solution. A semi-open house was created, which begins very narrowly on the street side and opens up to the back of the plot. The diverging of the plot means that the side fa?ade becomes a part of the view of the house and therefore also contributes to the street scenery.

      Because of the narrow, construction-free, garden strip and the proximity of the neighbor, it was decided to have the side fa?ade staggered in relation to the plot boundary. An animated, second ‘street fa?ade’ is created, instead of a monotonous fa?ade. The ‘zigzag’-movement of the fa?ade allows the side garden to be developed into a full addendum of the house, instead of just a driveway.        房屋的设计表现为三个立方体和不同屋顶高度的组合。具有办公室,厨房和起居室功能的矩形空间通过打开它们与角落相连。这创造了一种有趣的相互关系,由混凝土梁加强,支撑上层和屋顶。
      The design of the house manifests itself as a composition of three cubes and varying roof heights. The rectangular spaces with functions as office, kitchen and living room are connected with their corners, by opening them. This creates an interesting mutual relationship, which is accentuated by the concrete beams, supporting the upper level and roof.

      Since both the front and side facades determine the street view, it was an excellent opportunity to link a fascinating story to the two-dimensional ribbon development. At the same time, a dialogue is created with the adjacent detached villa.


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