Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos作品:House CASAJUVE,海景别墅 _ 印际


Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos作品:House CASAJUVE,海景别墅

       House CASAJUVE位于智利的Zapallar区,坐落在海洋的前面。
     House CASAJUVE is located in front of the ocean, in the Chilean district of Zapallar.       这所房子坐落在Beranda Hill的最高点。从山上可以欣赏到大海的最佳景观,并可以看到人行道和连接Maitencillo与Zapallar的街道的外部景色。
     The house sits on the highest point of Beranda Hill. From the hill, one can experience the best views of the sea and external views of the sidewalk and the street that connects Maitencillo with Zapallar.
     The superposed volume creates a large shaded overlook (5th Facade).
     Inside, the first floor opens to create a double-height. The barbecue is protected from the south wind and open for views of the pool.
     Distributed on the top floor are the living room, dining room, kitchen, service area, and principal bedroom. While the children's bedrooms can be found underground (Sixth Facade).       体积完全由掺有二氧化钛的外露混凝土制成。
     The volume is completely made of exposed concrete incorporated with titanium dioxide.
     The panoramic windows are made of cedar, and all of the doors and frames are made of pine.       垂直和对角天窗的结合为循环和围栏提供了自然光
     The incorporation of the vertical and diagonal skylights provide natural light for circulation and enclosures.


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