Ghezzi Novak 作品 | Lima’sMérito餐厅,木材、石材和土坯为营造出舒适的内饰 _ 印际


Ghezzi Novak 作品 | Lima’sMérito餐厅,木材、石材和土坯为营造出舒适的内饰

      这家位于利马的紧凑型餐饮场所由当地的Ghezzi Novak工作室设计,拥有舒适的空间,采用天然材料装饰,反映出食物的真实性。
      This compact dining spot in Lima is designed by local studio Ghezzi Novak as a snug space, decorated with natural materials that reflect the authenticity of the food.
      Mérito recently opened in the Barranco district of the Peruvian capital, an area renowned for its arts scene and nightlife.        餐厅供应当地美食,挤进一栋古老的建筑,分布在两个楼层,每个楼层都有一个紧凑的计划。
       “Mérito是一种亲密的体验,食物和建筑相互理解,可以说出同样的想法,”来自Arturo和Gustavo Ghezzi Novak的利马工作室Ghezzi Novak的项目描述说。
      Serving local cuisine, the restaurant is squeezed into an old building, spread across two floors that each has a compact plan.
      "Mérito is an intimate experience, where food and architecture understand each other to speak of the same idea," said a project description from Ghezzi Novak, a Lima-based studio run by Arturo and Gustavo Ghezzi Novak.        隐藏在一个宏伟的木制门口后面,小空间随着时间的推移已经有多个目的,这导致了几个干预布局。
       Ghezzi Novak剥去了所有这些,揭示了原始墙壁上铺满了土坯砖 - 一种用泥土制成的传统建筑材料。
      Tucked behind a grand wooden doorway, the small space has hosted several purposes over time, which resulted in several interventions to the layout.
      Ghezzi Novak stripped all of these away, revealed the original walls lined with bricks of adobe – a traditional construction material made from mud.        这些表面在某些区域暴露在外,而其他表面则覆盖在木板和具有窄垂直板条的木板上。
      These surfaces are left exposed in some areas, while others are covered in timber planks and wood panels with narrow vertical slats.
      Downstairs, a central blackened-wood island is shared by diners and kitchen staff, who face each other across the stone countertop.        在表面准备食物并使用背后的设备,然后坐在高高的木凳上的人在前面吃。
      Food is prepared on the surface and using equipment behind, then eaten in front by those sat on tall wooden stools.
      A more traditional dining area upstairs has tables for parties of various sizes, all positioned along a wooden banquette on three sides of the room.       “一楼是关于行动,一个餐桌和厨房的中央桌子,” “二楼是关于平静,一个包裹木质踢脚板和纸灯,软化光。”
      "The first floor is about action, a central table that is both dining and kitchen," "The second floor is about calmness, a wrapping wooden baseboard and paper lamps that soften the light."
      Lighting on both levels is dim and moody, creating a warm atmosphere with the beige and brown material palette. 


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