Francesc Rifé新作 | Camper Fidenza,捕捉Camper传统与先锋的精髓 _ 印际


Francesc Rifé新作 | Camper Fidenza,捕捉Camper传统与先锋的精髓

      Francesc Rife试图捕捉Camper传统与先锋的精髓并将其从本地扩展到全球,在Fidenza购物商店新外观的基础上,设计师通过四种天然材料:彩釉瓷砖、钢丝绳、钢和橡木,赋予了Camper新的内涵。
      Francesc Rife tries to capture the essence of Camper tradition and pioneer and expand it locally to the world. Based on the new look of the Fidenza shopping store, the designer gives Camper through four natural materials: glazed tiles, wire rope, steel and oak. New connotation.
      In the design of the floor and walls, tiles are used, consciously maintaining the same dimensions as the shoes. As black steel occupies the contour of the center of the space, the gray main color offsets the visual impact on them. Along the path traced by this material, the shelves are converted into tools for storage and exhibition, using vertical led strips, which are more poetic.
      The middle counter is integrated with the shape of the stairs and is designed in black steel. The large face design of the ladder made it one of the highlights of the project, defining a metal frame based on opaque surfaces and side gray glass smoked, and giving enough visibility. The geometric simplicity of the stairs is enriched by the use of natural oak and steel details as well as black.
      The ropes around the steel frame are made of Camper's shoelaces, and their natural color reveals the essence of "pure" transparency. The lines that act as railing elements help to highlight the height of the space.


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