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Francesc Rifé 新作 | 意大利ASH新概念店上海首次亮相

       风靡全球的意大利时装和鞋类品牌ASH邀请到了西班牙设计大师Francesc Rifé为其全球店铺设计新概念。尽管这种新设计语言试图回顾当代城市建筑所提出的形式,但在上海首次亮相的这两家门店已经成为亚洲建筑系统中最令人惊讶的元素之一:传统竹子脚手架。
      The fashion and footwear brand ASH has commissioned Francesc Rifé the new design concept for its stores around the world. While the new language sought to recall forms suggested by the architecture of contemporary cities, the first two stores to debut with this image in Shanghai have served to use as inspiration one of the most surprising elements of Asian construction systems: traditional bamboo scaffolding.
      Located in the complexes of Raffles City Changning, in the heart of the Zhongshan business district, and in the Plaza 66, one of the most important commercial spaces in China. The design of the two stores is marked by light structures that order the space freely allowing the exposure of footwear and initiating a new path to prêt-à-porter.
       A configuration executed in sulfurized brass, a material that evokes a feeling of luxury, taking it to a very dark finish. Like bamboo scaffolds, these tubular structures crisscross and create 90º knots between them, resulting in a very clean and unique grip. It is a network that comes alive in height, in width, and as a flown element, bringing dynamism and personality to the new store concept.
      The order that obeys this brass spine is traced from one of the most important elements of the project: a golden partial roof, symbol of the personality of ASH. Its particularity is the integration of multiple holes from which light is projected on time, following the needs of the space; while other orifices are prepared to add lamps and shelves flown, at the same time that they allow to fix the main structures.
       The lighting of this area is defined by spots of very small dimensions, equipped with optics to illuminate the product well, giving a result of a starry sky. 
      Another of the leading materials of the new image is undoubtedly concrete, projected in both vertical walls, floors and ceilings, is responsible for collecting each and every one of the elements of the set. A reference to the constructive phenomenon of the city that in turn gives the project a neutral base, and helps to invigorate the roof and structure.
      Conceived to work in harmony with dynamic and challenging installations, the showcases of both stores extend to the exterior the interior dialogue initiated with the brass, and incorporate a clean interpretation of the backlit ASH logo.  


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